Sunday, October 04, 2009

Little Boots, Big Noise

Unless you have yet to come in contact with an FM Radio in the last month or so, it would be hard not to have heard of Little Boots. The latest release by this one-woman electro-pop sensation is the upbeat dance anthem ‘Remedy’. The synth heavy tune consists of every pop element necessary to make a hit, from pre-chorus breakdowns, superb melodies and catchy lyrical hooks.

I first discovered Little Boots by chance while surfing the black hole of Myspace music (back in the days when people still frequented their Myspace accounts!). I was struck most by a track named ‘Every Little Earthquake’, which I have yet to hear about since. Should anyone be able to get a copy let me know for it was a song of epic proportions. Its is this song, far more than ‘Remedy’, that convinces me that Little Boots will be around for some time yet. For I think to judge an artist most affectively you must observe the quality to tracks they don’t release. Like Nirvana’s Insecticides, a b-side album that reached No. 15 in the US charts. You have to consider that if a band can produce excellent tunes that aren’t even released then their ability to write is probably not limited to a few moments of genius, but rather a constant skill they can utilize at any time.

For Little Boots this is only the beginning of a fruitful career of pop hits. I highly recommend investing in the album the album ‘Hands’, for the full Little Boot experience. You can also get more information from the website here -

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Now to finish off here is the video to ‘Remedy’,

Review by F.M.