Monday, February 05, 2007

The End Of An Era

Its a shame, how in the end all good music scenes come to an end. It feels that we have now come to end of the recent 'indie' scene here in England, that was started by bands such as the Libertines. We've reached the stage now where the industry is just churning out overly produced copycat bands, like The View. I have been feeling for a while that the recent music boom here in the UK was beginning to die down but when the View, a band who are a rip off of every other band in the genre, went to No. 1 I new it was definitely over. As with all the pure, organic, music movements it is only matter of time before the record industry cottons on and starts twisting the glorious movement into a money making scheme. They start producing bands with an exact sound and style but with absolutely no integrity or genius. It is a shame, but its the way it goes and we can only hope that next music revolution is not to far around the corner.

Review by F.M.