Thursday, October 26, 2006

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

YYY's - Show Your Bones Review

Album title - Show Your Bones by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

After the art punk perfection of Fever to Tell I couldn’t wait for the follow up. I first heard Gold Lion on the radio and was impressed, it sounded like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs had created this hyper produced Nevermind esq. album. I thought it was going to be a mainstream phenomenon that would bring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs into the lime light but instead it was a disappointment. That’s not to say it was a complete failure, there’s some good songs on the album, it’s just not half of what Fever to Tell was. Gold Lion is a brilliantly loud impressive song as is Phenomena but further into the record you find songs like Mysteries, Warrior and Honeybear which sound messy and unthoughtful. They say artists always have trouble with the second album and it sounds like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs had real trouble with this. It sounds like they turned up at their studio in LA without the faintest idea what to record and had to really force out every note.
As I said Fever to Tell was art punk perfection, loud, grungy, interesting and energetic, but Show Your Bones has either lost or dampened down all these qualities only gaining them again in live performances (and despite the terrible album, taking the trouble to see them live is well worth it!). However, I don’t entirely condemn the album, it’s defiantly worth listening to and it would be worth downloading tracks such as Gold Lion and Phenomena but fans of the old Yeah Yeah Yeahs may be disappointed with their second attempt.

Review by F.M.


Gold Lion music video -

Lily Allen - Smile Review

Single title - Smile by Lily Allen

I can’t say I don’t agree with some of the things she writes on her website but how on earth did Lily Allen's song ‘smile’ get to NO.1 in the UK. It’s awful! For a start it doesn’t even sound in tune! The lyrics are simplistic and dull with a rhyming pattern that could have been written by a four year old. It’s one of those songs that no matter how hard you bang your head against the wall you just can’t get it out! Frankly the less said the better, steer clear of this single.

Review by F.M.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Robots In Disguise - Turn It Up Review

Single name – Turn it Up by Robots In Disguise

Turn it up is a catchy, arty, punk tune with a distinct Bikini Kill feel to it. As a female duo they share the singing, to good affect, with sections of speech amongst the verse and a powerful repetitive chorus singing, simply, ‘turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, turn it up’. With lyrical references to ‘The Sex Pistols’ and ‘Peaches’ it’s obvious who their influences are and it certainly shows in the music. The video for the song shows Robots in Disguise travelling to and playing a gig. And is that the guys from the Might Boosh in the audience and at the start?

Turn it up is a powerful, catchy and interesting song, one that’s worth the money! I hope to hear more from Robots In Disguise soon!

Robots In Disguise Official Site.

Review by F.M.


Turn It Up music video

Babyshambles - Down In Albion Review

Album title - Down in Albion by Babyshambles

Babyshambles, a complete sham.

I was lent this album by a friend who claimed it was 'f**king brilliant', it turned out to be f**king awful. My friend must have the Doherty bug. To start with the good news, Pipe Down is an alright listen and 8 Dead Boys most resembles Babyshambles live shows in that it has a little passion to it while the rest of the album is slow, uninteresting waffle. As hinted, their lives shows generally seem to have a bit of passion and a spark to them but this has been totally lost in this overly and badly produced album. I was quite excited about this band after hearing them play F**k Forever on Radio one, but F**k Forever is now lost forever having gone though the studio. The same applies to Killamangiro which has lost its original buzz heard on the single due to terrible over production. The less said about the rest the better, save perhaps the title track Down in Albion. While not a very inventive or clever song, it has a bit of heart to it and merits a listen. The album as a whole, however, is not worth the money. While it has good parts these are few and far between and you’d be better off just downloading them.

Review by F.M.


F**k Forever music video -

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