Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Courtney Love -

For over a year now I have been anticipating the release of Courtney Loves new material, and I'm STILL waiting! After the release of Americas Sweetheart Courtney's popularity seemed to drop, due undoubtedly to a string of bizarre tabloid stories and the records mediocre content. However, I for one have not given up on the Queen of Grunge just yet and am still going to purchase her latest offering, when it arrives that is!
Anyone wanting to here a few tasters of the new record should check out her myspace. From what has been put up so far I have to admit I'm a little disappointed. The passion in her voice, so prominent in Holes Live Through This, seems to be lacking and the songwriting a little sloppy. But hey! Go make your own judgement then let me know what you think.

Check Courtney's Myspace here.

Review by F.M.

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